Day 2, Vietnam Camp

Day 2
Today was really tiring day. After breakfast and check out from La Thanh Hotel, we move away from Hanoi to Ninh Binh. We start our CBA thing at 12 after we had lunch. On my opinion, Indonesian orphanage is much poorer than the orphanage that we’ve visited. We split up into groups. Paul and I are doing the computer part. It’s quite simple than the other job like painting and stuff. After doing some work, we’re going to check in to the hotel called HOA LU HOTEL. After we reached that hotel we were having briefing before enter the room. The room was awful and looking creepy. After that we having dinner and Watching Movie, and after that we went back to our room and sleep.

One thought on “Day 2, Vietnam Camp

  1. Wow, your camp deffinatly has a lot of things packed into the time that you have bythe sound of it. I would alos be tired if I was doing what you are doing in Vietnam. I did not know that Indonesian orphanages are poorer than Vietnamese orphanages, i thought it would be the other way round. You are also lucky that on your camp you get to stay in hotels in mine we had to sleep in a tent. It sure sounds like fun, and you are doing your part for the Vietnamese orphans at the orphanage. Good job.

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