Pre Camp

I’m really looked forward to go on camp because I’ve never been to Vietnam before, and never interact with the orphans. But firstly, I have to pack lots of things that have been written on the checklist. But before I leave, I have to help my mom to do her housework like sweeping. And I also have to clean up my room. This is just one day before the camp. I’m really looking forward to help the orphans to upgrade their orphanage by farming and painting, and I also looking forward to meet the Vietnamese student in Thi Son Secondary school, cause the barrier language between us (Vietnamese student and myself). And I hope that the camp is going to be fun and one to remember.

One thought on “Pre Camp

  1. You are really looking foward to this camp by the sounds of it. You are also really think on what you are going to do there and what is the difference between you and them. Your camp sound really exciting I hope you have a great time. that was the best entire I’ve ever read.


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